Top 3 escort directories

If you have been searching for an escort, you have undoubtedly come across a plethora of websites that come in all shapes and sizes. After doing research, you may not be sure which escort directory is the right one for your needs and budget. Three popular ones around the world are OpenAdultDirectory, EscortsAroundYou, and Backpage. Each escort directory has their own pros and cons, and upon learning about these three, you might find that your search just became a little bit easier.

Open Adult Directory

gallery-asianDirectory URL:

As soon as you enter, you will find a warning, along with two different options. The first option is for escorts worldwide, and the second option is for bdsm/fetish escorts worldwide. Right from the beginning, the website allows you to hone in on your desires. When you choose a preference, the website leads you into the second component of your search, which is location. After you pick your location, the escort directory will give you a list of all the escorts and escort agencies in your area. They specify the type of listing, and provide links to the provider’s website. The site’s one flaw is that it is lacking in showmanship in terms of the overall presentation of the website. That being said, there really is no need to have a fancy website when the information provided is convenient and incredibly helpful. In terms of being well rounded, this escort directory is most likely the best of the three compared in this article.

Escorts Around You

https://www.escortsaroundyou.comDirectory URL:

This particular escort directory,, is unlike any other directory on this list. A very convenient feature of the website is that as soon as you enter the site, it establishes your location and presents you with the escorts closest to you in order of distance. In addition, each escort is displayed largely and brightly with crystal clear, high definition photos of the real escorts that are in your area. Each girl in the escort directory is a completely independent professional who just happens to choose to advertise themselves on the website. The main feature that sets this escort directory apart from the rest is the availability of the escorts. On, you can chat anonymously, and for free with the escort you decide might be worth your time and money. If they are not online when you message them, the escort will receive an alert that you sent them a message and will respond as promptly as possible. The only drawback about this escort directory is that the selection of girls is more limited than other websites. This flaw, however, is inevitable considering the standards that upholds for each provider. They only display the best, independent girls in the area. If you find yourself a man of means, this website is sure to find you a girl that will satiate your luxurious palette.


backpageDirectory URL:

Out of the three directories on the page, this is probably the worst one in terms of quality of women. Many advertisements include girls who are completely different people than the ones advertised. Every now and then, you will find a gem where the beautiful provider in the photo is the provider that answers the door or knocks on yours. This being said, the flaw stems from’s greatest benefit. The escort directory is constantly updating their ads because anybody can post to the site. The site also has the cheapest escorts in the area, with many offering 15 minute short stay specials for under 100 USD. In addition to the sheer volume of escorts to choose from, you have options in how the website displays the providers in your area. Furthermore, the website has a separate section to choose strippers, fetish/bdsm, and gay/trans providers in the area. Lastly, because the women on the escort directory are generally of a lower class, you will find that arranging your meeting will have considerably less screening and prove to a much more painless process than any of the other directories. If you find yourself on a budget, yet desiring companionship, is the best escort directory for you.

As you can see, different people will benefit from each of these directories. In order to figure out which escort directory is the correct one for you, you have to decide what you desire, where you are, and what your budget is. Each of the websites mentioned in this article will best suit three different types of people. You cannot have a wrong answer, so surf freely and enjoy your time with the provider!

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