Nude Massage Las Vegas

Many may think that a nude massage is a gimmick, but there are real and proven benefits to this approach. A nude massage in Las Vegas provides a sensual (not sexual) experience that is focused more on relieving tension and stress that emanates from the mind, not in the muscles. This approach has proven benefits for long-term mental and physical health and well-being.

Practitioners of nude massage are comfortable with their body image, and this confidence is imparted on the client during the session. The absence of clothes removes the artificial barrier between masseuse and client, making for a more naturalistic atmosphere. Most professionals of this approach are also skilled in holistic healing arts, such as Tantra, polarity and Reiki healing. These complementary methods help release the pent up energy trapped in the body.

erotic-massageAny place a traditional massage is conducted is ideal for a nude session. The room will be warmer than average and the lighting low to help set a relaxing mood. Scented candles chosen for their aromatherapy benefits are often employed along with soft music or sounds from nature like falling rain or crashing waves.If available, a warm shower or bath is helpful beforehand to loosen muscles.

Before the actual massage, a brief discussion is important so the client can inform the therapist about any specific goals they have for the session and set boundaries. Once agreed, the massage most often begins with the client on their stomach. Once settled into position, the masseuse will disrobe and begin focusing on the back and upper shoulders, applying Swedish massage techniques. This is used as a means to establish comfort and trust between the participants.

Most often a skin on skin phase will follow. With this technique the massage giver uses the arms, upper chest and breasts to gently glide over and caress the client’s skin. This is a highly sensual experience and the body generally gains heightened awareness while the mind opens up and begins to roam free. Tension caused by negative thoughts begins to fall away. In addition to the back and shoulders, the upper thighs and bottom are paid attention. Often a feeling of arousal will occur and this is to be expected and in fact, should be welcomed as a sign energy is flowing.

nude-massageAfter a time the client will be asked to roll over. Once settled in again, the skin to skin contact continues over the chest, groin and thighs as the client sinks deeper into a relaxed state. Many report feeling a pulsing sensation running through the body. This is another signal that tension is melting away and the body is beginning to tap into the natural healing and energy resources available.It is important to communicate with the therapist during the session, so offer both positive and negative feedback when appropriate.

A tantric practice known as lingam massage (or yoni if the client is a female) is often used by nude massage therapists. This involves massage of the genitals in a specific manner designed to unblock the two key body chakras contained in the sacrum. The result of this method is not meant to be orgasm, and skilled therapists will take things to the brink and then let things subside before continuing. This is known as riding the wave and results in a sustained, highly exhilarating sensation. This final rush culminates with a release of energy that pulses throughout the body. A nude massage Las Vegas experience is truly unique and helps one take advantage of the body’s natural healing powers.

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